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OIML Seminar: "Stakes and priorities of legal metrology for trade"

Monday 26 Oct

An OIML Seminar entitled "Stakes and priorities of legal metrology for trade" will take place on Monday 26 October 2009 from 09:00 to 17:30 at the Whitesands Resort.

Confidence is a major issue for domestic and international trade. Suppliers and buyers conclude a transaction based on a common agreement on the goods, products or services that are sold and this calls for an agreement on the quantity and quality of these goods, products or services.

All this is based on measurements which are necessarily conducted by one party to the transaction - legal metrology aims to ensure that the other party may have confidence in them.

The measurement facilities are very often automated so that performing the measurements may be done by operators who are not specialists. Therefore, confidence in the measurement results derives principally from the ability of the equipment to deliver correct measurements under variable measurement and environmental conditions, and from the ability of this equipment to be insensitive to operator errors and to tampering.

This is why many of these measurements fall under the expanding scope of legal metrology, which aims to set up appropriate requirements and controls on the equipment to ensure that the equipment shows the ability mentioned above and that it will therefore provide appropriate confidence in the measurement results.

Without such confidence, trade would be subject to multiple measurements carried out at the initiative of each party to the transaction, creating disputes due to differences in measurements. The additional cost of such multiple measurements and of solving these disputes would considerably affect the efficiency of trade and jeopardize the economy. Legal metrology is therefore an essential tool in ensuring fair trade and for the efficiency of an economy.

The OIML's mission is to develop the appropriate means to respond to these needs, such as:

  • drafting internationally agreed requirements on measuring instruments,
  • formulating methods for the evaluation of instruments,
  • establishing methods and legal provisions recommended for setting up a national system for the economy and its citizens,
  • developing mutual confidence between countries, and mutual acceptance of evaluation or measurement results obtained in different countries, and
  • providing the necessary tools that countries may use to facilitate trade and to protect their own interests and those of their stakeholders.

The aim of this Seminar is to present the needs of the many stakeholders of legal metrology:

  • professions concerned by measurements falling within the scope of legal metrology, at domestic or international level (trade, agriculture, food products, commodities, energy measurement, transport, etc.),
  • consumer associations,
  • manufacturers of measuring instruments,
  • public authorities (e.g. road safety, industrial safety, environment, water resources management, etc.).

During the Seminar the various stakeholders will be invited to give presentations of their needs and expectations; the Seminar will conclude with a discussion of the priorities for the OIML in order to address these needs.

Regional Bodies Round Table

Tuesday 27 Oct

A Regional Bodies Round Table will take place on Tuesday 27 October 2009 from 09:00 to 12:30 at the Whitesands Resort. Attendance is restricted to representatives of invited organizations.