Practical Information

Accompanying Persons' Program

Accompanying persons are welcome to attend the Receptions organized by the Kenyan Government in Fort Jesus and by the OIML, and are also welcome to participate in the visit to the Ngomongo Villages on Thursday 29 October.

No specific program will be organized for accompanying persons; however, in addition to the activities proposed in the Whitesands Resort, tours may be booked in the Tourist Information Office which is located in the Resort.

Airport Departure Tax

In Kenya there is an airport departure tax of 20 US Dollars. Payment is also accepted in Shillings. This tax is normally included in the price of airline tickets but if you are unsure, you should check with the airline or travel company.

Arrival in Kenya

Kenya Airways (whose web site also offers a wealth of other information) offers a regular service from Nairobi to Mombasa - there are numerous flights daily. Most Delegates will probably be arriving in Nairobi, and are invited to consult the Kenya Airways site and make the appropriate reservations for their onward journey to Mombasa.

Mombasa Airport lies 10 km/6 miles west-northwest of Mombasa; the hotel is slightly further away. Taxis are readily available and cost about KSh 1800; the journey takes approximately 30 minutes to the hotel. Government owned taxis are available at a negotiated rate of KSh. 1650 per trip (use the company Kenatco Taxis Ltd.).


During October in Mombasa, the average day temperature is 29 °C and the average night temperature is 22 °C. There is a mean rainfall in October of about 80 mm.

Kenya's altitude and terrain create contrasts in climate. The coast is hot and often humid, mornings in the central highlands can be cool, while in the north and northeast, the days are dry and very hot. In the areas most frequented by visitors, the weather is little short of perfect: it is neither too hot nor too cool with long sun-filled days. Day and night in Kenya are almost equal the whole year round with sunrise between 6:00 and 6:30 am and sundown between 6:30 and 7:00 pm.

Currency, Banking, Credit cards

The official currency is the Kenya Shilling. The written abbreviation is KSh, or alternatively /= is used after the amount (e.g. 500/=). Available notes are 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 Shillings. Available coins are 5, 10 and 20 Shillings.

Visitors to Kenya can change foreign currency at banks, bureaux de change or authorized hotels. The easiest currencies to exchange are US Dollars, Pounds Sterling and Euros.

Travellers Cheques are widely accepted, and many hotels, travel agencies, safari companies and restaurants accept credit cards. Most Banks in Kenya are equipped to advance cash on credit cards.

There are no restrictions on the amount of foreign currency that can be brought into Kenya.

Before departure, travellers are advised to convert any excess Kenya Shillings into foreign currency at a bank or bureau de change before departure. Departure taxes can be paid in local or foreign currency.

Anyone wishing to take more than 500,000 Shillings out of the country will require written authorization from the Central Bank.

Banks are open from 9:00am to 3:00pm Monday to Friday. Some branches open on Saturdays from 9:00am to 11:00am. Many banks have 24 hour cash dispensers. The Bank branches at Jomo Kenyatta International airport (Nairobi) and Moi International Airport both run 24 hour exchange services.


The electricity supply in Kenya is 220/240 V AC, 50Hz. If you are planning to bring any electrical devices, please bring the appropriate adaptor(s). Plugs and sockets are 3 pin rectangular (UK type):

Kenya wall socket

Internet access

Kenya has good internet service providers. E-mail and internet services are offered by many hotels and lodges. In most towns, there are plenty of private business centers and cyber cafes offering e-mail and internet access. Several computers will be available at the meeting venue so that Delegates may consult e-mails.


The official language spoken during the Seminar, Round Tables and CIML Meeting will be English; no translation or simultaneous interpretation will be available.

Lunches and refreshment breaks

Buffet lunch will be served to Delegates (and Accompanying Persons if they wish to attend) Monday through Friday. Refreshment breaks will also be served in the morning and afternoon each day.


Kenya has several English language newspapers. The most popular are the Daily Nation and the East African Standard, which is a weekly newspaper sold throughout Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. There are two separate Swahili newspapers, Taifa Leo and Kenya Leo.

There are also locally produced television and radio, and international newspapers and magazines are widely available in Kenya. Digital Satellite Television has become widespread throughout the country.

Medical / vaccinations

In general, certain vaccinations are necessary for travel to Kenya. Delegates are strongly advised to consult their doctor or physician well in advance of their departure to ascertain whether vaccination is appropriate. More information is available on this web site.

Meeting documents

Delegates should please note that no paper documents will be available for the CIML Meeting; all the CIML Meeting documents will be made available for download via the CIML Meeting Agenda page.


Kenya has a good network of telephone, cellular and satellite connections. Work is under way to expand this network and introduce fibre optic cables. Most hotels and lodges offer international telephone and fax services. In larger towns, private telecommunication centers also offer international services. If you have a mobile phone with a roaming connection, you can make use of Kenya's excellent cellular network, which covers most larger towns and tourist areas. When calling Kenya, the International code is 254+ local area code.

Time zone

Kenya is UTC + 3 hours. Local time, and various other information concerning Mombasa (and all other cities in the world) can be found at the World Time and Date web site.


Tipping is not mandatory in Kenya. Guides, drivers, waiters and hotel staff can be tipped at your discretion.